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While providing unique experiences and outstanding service is essential, a DMC’s commitment to sustainable tourism best practices, including environmentally-friendly operations, support for the protection of natural and cultural heritage, and social and economic benefits to local people, is an increasingly essential aspect for success.


Refreshing sustainable “living” decor, circular systems for energy and water, smart buildings for which revolutionary icon technics have been applied and strongly anchored hotels in neighborhoods because of the cooperation with local suppliers.

A combination of luxury, technology and sustainability within buildings inspired by nature.


With a bunch of diverse activities, we make your visit an experience beyond recreational tourism, enjoying Dutch Cultural Heritage and creating environmental and social awareness.



The restaurant building functions both as an eating space, but also as a productive laboratory for hydroponic and aeroponic cultivation systems. This is how the blue economy is shaping the new Amsterdam culinary rules. Our most delicious selection is full of flavor and tendency.

Incentives and Meetings

Luxurious experience and low environmental impact. We attend your requirements, create a unique story for you, and then transform it into in a tailor-make journey that engages the luxe, Netherland culture, and sustainability awareness.

Academic and Special Interest


We designs a series of visits and lectures by the most relevant speakers in each field, combined with cultural trips through The Netherlands, based on the needs of the participants.


Just think of everything that is important when the only importance is to relax and enjoy yourself. For the rest, we take care of your leisure time, maximizing your investment and minimizing the environmental impact.