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sustainable tourism

Maximize your travel experience in The Netherlands

with minimized environmental impact

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Sustainable travel is not about giving something up; it is about gaining something more

While providing unique experiences and outstanding service is essential, a DMC’s commitment to sustainable tourism best practices, including environmentally-friendly operations, support for the protection of natural and cultural heritage, and social and economic benefits to local people, is an increasingly essential aspect for success.


Guests recognize overtourism as a growing concern, and that changes need to be made if the beauty that attracts them to Amsterdam is going to last; travelers look to luxury travel experiences to help drive change that is positive and sustainable.


Amsterdam Green Hub is a Destination Management Company that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and ecological impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities in The Netherlands

dmc in the netherlands

We are a hub that connects the community’s most innovative and sustainable resources (hotels, restaurants, transportation, and activities) with visitors. A tailor-made travel experience for you to discover this country in a sustainable way

How It Works

Minimize your environmental impact


Re-use your Amsterdam Green Hub bottles and bags during your stay


We choose the right suppliers in transportation, hotels, restaurants and activities


The location and choosing the right times are esential elements for a good mobility

What You Get

A maximized travel experience for you and the locals

amsterdam dna

Protection of cultural heritage is a pillar of sustainable tourism

Because of their innovative identity, the Dutch are not afraid of changes but they always take good care of keeping their traditions and character alive. Amsterdam has been a very important hub for scientific, artists, philosophers, tech, transportation along with its history and it’s in constant evolution. We aim to work as a bridge between the traveler and the local community.


Our Team

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marion evenhuis

Sustainability advisor

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